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Kresna Strengthen Expansion in Pulau Sulawesi

PT Kresna Life Insurance increasingly strengthen its expansion in Sulawesi Island. Four new branches are targeted this year.

WEALTH Agency Manager of Makassar Branch, Indri Yapari, said that the current superior product offered to the public is Protecto Investa Kresna (PIK). A proctection id people are at risk of accident. People are greatly benefited through the dual product which also procides two advantages at once. 

"The first is the optimal investment and the risk of personal incidents. Hopefully by such activities (customer gathering) PT Asuransi Jiwa Kresna will be known better, "he said in the middle of customer gathering at Bambuden I, Monday, February 5. 

President Director of PT Asuransi Jiwa Kresna, Kurniadi Sastrawinata, acknowledged that in 2017, the achievement of national premium was at 2.2 trillion. This year, said Kurniadi, it aims to grow at least three times nationally. 

Especially on the island of Sulawesi alone he is very optimistic by looking atthe enthusiasm of the community. He set of trillion this year. 

"Sulawesi Island's contribution is quite large. Achieve 15 percent nationally. Moreover, PT Kresna is now already known by the public. Their response was very enthusiastic," he said.

Not only that, continued Kurniadi, it will alo open a new agency branch of PT Kresna Life Insurance this year. Nationally 45 will be targeted. In Sulawesi Island itslf ranges from 3 to 4 branches. 

"This year we add more outlets. This proofs of growth of PT Kresna Life Insurance which later lets people believe i the products it offers," he explained. (nan)

The article is quoted from FAJAR newspaper, Wednesday, February 7, 2018


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